4 ways to adjust jaw crusher outlet
2020-12-15 16:56:28

In order to ensure efficiency and quality in primary jaw crushing plants under optimum conditions, the outlet of jaw crusher could be adujusted accroding to actural requirement. Here there are 4 detailed guidline to adjust jaw crusehr outlet.

Option1. Shim adjustment.
Use the top bolt to open the adjustment seat, and put or remove a set of gaskets of equal thickness between the rear thrust plate support and the rear wall of the rack. Increase or decrease the number of gasket layers to reduce or increase the discharge outlet of the jaw crusher. The shim can be adjusted at a multistage and the machine structure is compact, which can reduce the weight of the equipment. But the operators have to stop working. This method is widely used in large jaw crusher.

Option2. Hydraulic adjustment.
Use hydraulic push cylinder to adjust the discharging hole, while the rear thrust plate is used as an insurance device for jaw crusher. The jaw crusher adopts hydraulic safety device, which is safe and easy to eliminate the faults.

Option3. Support device adjustment.
It refers to the bearing part of the jaw crusher, which is generally used for sliding bearing with babbitt alloy. It can withstand large impact load and is more durable. However, when it is inefficient, it needs to be forced to lubricate.

Option4. Wedge adjustment.
It is the relative movement of the two wedges between the rear thrust plate support and the back wall of the rack to realize the adjustment of the crusher outlet. Turn the nut on the bolt to make the adjusting wedge move up or down along the back wall of the rack and move the front wedge forward or backward, thus driving the thrust plate or moving jaw to achieve the purpose of adjusting the ore discharging mouth.


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