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Crawler Crushing Plant

Crawler Crushing Plant

Crawler type mobile crusher is designed to be moved around constantly. It is more compact and less weight. Tracked stone crusher is used in mining, quarry, concrete crushing plant.

  • 0-950mmFeed Size
  • 80-160kwMotor Power
  • 60-680t/hProcessing capacity

What is crawler mobile crusher plant?

Crawler mobile crushing station is a kind of high-efficiency stone crushing equipment. The mobile crusher plant integrates material feeding, crushing, conveying and screening process. Through the optimization of the process flow, it has the excellent performance of rock crushing, aggregate production and open-pit mining crushing operation. The mobile crushing plant can reach any point on the job site under any terrain conditions. With wireless remote control, the crusher can be easily driven onto a trailer and transported to the job site. Since less assembly time is required, the equipment can be put to work as soon as it arrives at the site.
stone crusher output.pngmobile crusher capacity
tracked stone crusher
stone crusher output.pngmobile crusher capacity

How to choose suitable crawler mobile crusher?

1. The crawler mobile crushing station can be divided into four series - cone crusher crawler mobile crushing station, jaw crusher crawler mobile crushing station, impact crusher crawler mobile crushing station, screening crawler mobile crushing station. According to stone hardness, site conditions, etc. Engineers from Baichy Machinery could suggest appropriate mobile crusher.

2. Crawler-type screening and crushing equipment products are light in weight, small in size, adopt all-wheel drive. It can realize in-situ steering, standard configuration, quick-change device, and have perfect safety protection functions, especially suitable for working in narrow places.

3. Compared with various fixed crushing stations, the mobile crushing station is like a small and medium-sized crushing plant that can be moved, and its long-term work efficiency and operating costs are better than fixed crushing stations of the same level or higher.

4. The best noise absorption system, compact and flexible equipment, can better meet the construction waste crushing operation between urban areas, effective dust removal system, suitable for diesel engine noise emission.

5. Crawler mobile station can be used for mining, coal mines, construction waste crushing, rock, ore, block road, old asphalt concrete and other materials crushing process.

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  • High Quality

    Convenient transportation, crawler walking, no damage to the road, equipped with multi-functional accessories, Drived by oil and electricity.

  • Customized Design

    The whole crushing plant adopts all-wheel drive to realize rotating direction in place, with perfect protection function, especially suitable for narrow and complex site.

  • Good Performance

    The crawler crushing plant could be optional for jaw crusher, impatct crusher, cone crusher, VSI crusher etc.

Product features

It can work uphill to meet the crushing requirements of mining, hydropower station, coal mine and other projects.

  • crawler type mobile crusher
  • track mounted crusher
  • tracked jaw crusher for sale
  • tracked jaw crusher

Working principle

Crawler mobile crusher station is a kind of crushing equipment with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It adopts the hydraulic system driving crawler to run smoothly. The vibration feeder is for optimum pre-scaling and feed material evenly. The crusher could be optional for jaw crusher, impatct crusher, cone crusher, VSI crusher etc. The diesel-direct drive in combination with motor allows for a maximum performance at a small amount of space. Magnetic separator, discharge belt and water spray system are optionally available. Under any conditions, the crawler mobile station can reach working site directly with little assembly time. This reduces the processing and operation process of materials .The equipment can be put into use immediately after arriving at the user site.

crawler jaw crusher


Model YMC80 YMC96 YMC106 YMC116 YMC120
Feeder Model GZD8035 GZD9638 GZD1142 GZD1142 GZD1242
Feeding Capacity 60-120t/h 100-200t/h 200-300t/h 200-300t/h 300-400t/h
Feeding Height 2900mm 3750mm 3900mm 3900mm 3900mm
Volume 2.2m³ 3.2m³ 3.2m³ 3.2m³ 3.2m³
Power 2×3.7Kw 2×5.5Kw 2×5.5Kw 2×5.5Kw 2×7.5Kw
Jaw Crusher Model C80 C96 C106 C116 C120
Power 55Kw 90Kw 132Kw 132Kw 160Kw
Discharge Adjustment Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Main Discharge Belt Size(Width x Length) 800×9000mm 1000×12000mm 1000×12000mm 1200×13000mm 1200×13000mm
Unloading Height 2400mm 2900mm 2900mm 3200mm 3200mm
Power 7.5Kw 11Kw 11Kw 15Kw 15Kw
Side Discharge Belt Size(Width x Length) 500×3800mm 500×3800mm 500×3800mm 500×3800mm 500×3800mm
Unloading Height 1800mm 1800mm 1800mm 1800mm 1800mm
Power 3Kw 3Kw 3Kw 3Kw 3Kw
Iron Remover Model RCYD800 RCYD1000 RCYD1000 RCYD1200 RCYD1200
Generator Primary Power 163Kw 225Kw 310Kw 310Kw 403Kw
Standby Power 180Kw 250Kw 345Kw 345Kw 448Kw
Structure 6-Cylinder Inline 6-Cylinder V-shape 6-Cylinder V-shape 6-Cylinder V-shape 8-Cylinder V-shape
Generator Primary Power 150Kw 200Kw 280Kw 280Kw 360Kw
Standby Power 165Kw 220Kw 300Kw 300Kw 390Kw
Dual Power Driving Concept Diesel-electric Drive Diesel-electric Drive Diesel-electric Drive Diesel-electric Drive Diesel-electric Drive
Transport Parameters Transport Length 12500mm 14500mm 15000mm 15000mm 15500mm
Transport Width 2850mm 2950mm 3000mm 3200mm 3200mm
Transport Height 3550mm 3550mm 3600mm 3600mm 3700mm
Installed Power 78.1Kw+70Kw 121Kw+70Kw 163Kw+90Kw 168Kw+115Kw 200Kw+115Kw
Complete Dry Fog Dust Suppression Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Capacity 80-125t/h 100-250t/h 160-360t/h 200-450t/h 300-520t/h

*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors