Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator

[ Capacity ]: 8-200 tph

[ Applicable Material ]:

Magnetic separation is a process in which magnetically susceptible material is extracted from a mixture using a magnetic force.


Magnetic Separator is designated for wet magnetic separating of material with granularity below 3mm,such as magnetite, pyrrhotine, roasted ore and washingtonite.

Working principle:

Slurry enters chute through ore tank, and then gets into separating zone by waterpower. Minerals with strong magnetism is absorbed on the barrel’s surface under the force of magnetic field and get into the ore concentrate outlet along with the rotation of cylinder. After leaving the magnetic field, they flow into ore concentrate box by the action of gravity and flushing water. Gangue and ore with weak magnetism are discharged into a pipe in the opposite direction of cylinder rotation.


1. Short magnetic circuit and little magnetic flux leakage

2. High magnetic intensity and low energy consumption

3. Fine beneficiating results and simple structure and easy to maintain


Model Magnetic field intensity (oe) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)
CTB600X900 1450 8-15 1.1
CTB600X1800 1500 15-25 2.2
CTB750X1800 1550 30-45 3
CTB900X1800 1650 35-60 4
CTB1050X2400 1650 60-95 5.5
CTB1200X3000 1650 80-150 7.5
CTB1500X3000 1650 120-200 11

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