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Spiral Classifier

Spiral Classifier

Spiral Classifiers are widely used in the distribution of ore in closed circuits with ball mill in mining processing, in order to get a certain degree fineness of ore particles, meanwhile increasing the efficiency of grinding. This machine can also be use

  • 500-2000mmFeed Size
  • 1.1-15KWMotor Power
  • 6-400 tphProcessing capacity

What is spiral classifier?

Spiral classifier is  a mechanical classification machine based on the principle that the specific gravity of solid particles is different in the speed of precipitation in liquid. During the beneficiation process, the ore needs to be ground to a certain fineness so that the fine-grained useful minerals and gangue can be fully dissociated and separated to achieve separation. From the technical and economic point of view, the spiral classifier machine plays a very important role in the grinding operation. Spiral classifiers are widely used in dressing plants to form a closed-circuit cycle with ball mills to separate ore sands, or to classify ore sand and fine mud in gravity beneficiation plants, and to classify ore pulp in metal beneficiation processes, and to wash ore desliming, dehydration and other operations during operation.
separating machine sprial clssifier in mining
spiral classifier for ball mill
separating machine sprial clssifier in mining

How to choose spiral classifier?

According to the height of the overflow weir, the position of the spiral in the water tank is different from the height of the slurry surface, the spiral classifier can be divided into three types: high weir type, low weir type and submerged type.

High weir type spiral classifier. The overflow weir position of the high weir type spiral classifier is usually higher than the bearing center at the lower end of the screw shaft, and lower than the upper edge of the overflow end spiral, so the area of the settlement area is larger than that of the low weir type spiral classifier, and the weir height is also higher. It can be adjusted within a certain range, that is, the area of the sedimentation zone can be slightly changed according to the classification requirements, so as to adjust the classification particle size.

Low weir type spiral classifier. The overflow weir of the low-weir spiral classifier is often lower than the center of the bearing at the overflow end, so the area of the settlement area is too small. The overflow production capacity is too low, and the agitation of the spiral to the slurry surface is large, so in actual production only It is used for flushing sand ore with little mud content and dehydration of coarse particles, and is rarely used in grading process.

Submerged spiral classifier. The overflow end of the submerged spiral classifier generally has 4-5 turns of spiral blades, and all the spiral blades are submerged under the liquid level in the settling area, so the area of the settling area is large and the classification pool is deep.

Due to the difference in structure between the high weir type and the submerged spiral classifier, their functions are also different. The high-weir spiral classifier is more suitable for separating coarse grains larger than 0.15mm, and is often used in the first stage of grinding; while the submerged spiral classifier has a stable classification surface, high overflow output, and fine particle size. Therefore, it is more suitable for separating overflow products with a particle size of less than 0.15mm, and it is often combined with the grinding machine in the second stage of grinding.

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  • High Quality

    Low power cosumption,high classifying efficiency.

  • Customized Design

    Powerful manual control and electric control lifting device.

  • Good Performance

    Wide choice of weir height, rigid tank and substructure.

Product features

Heavy duty, long workinglife.

  • spiral classifier
  • screw classifier
  • spiral separator
  • screw classifier

Working principle

Different solid granularities have different gravity and thus have different dropping speed. The fine ore granularities floating in the water will overflow and the big ones will sink to the bottom and discharge from the upper part by spiral pushing. It can filter the granularities from the machine and then spin the rough particles to charging part by spiral vane and discharge the fine granularities from the overflow pipe. The base of the machine adopts a channel steel and the body adopts welded steel plate. The water inlet of spiral axle and axle head adopt pig iron cover for wear proofing and long life operation. The lifting equipment has two types, manual control and electric control.

spiral classifier working pricinple


Model Spiral diameter(mm) Speed of Spiral(r/min) Power (kw) Slope (°) Power(KW)
Sand Return (t/h) Overflow (t/h)
FG500 500 8-12.5 6-11 32 12-18 1.1
FG750 750 6-10 11-24 65 12-18 3
FG1000 1000 5-8 25-45 110 12-18 5.5
FG1200 1200 4-6 50-80 155 12-18 7.5
FG1500 1500 4-6 70-115 235 12-18 7.5
FG1800 1800 2.5-6 100-190 310 12-18 11
FG2000 2000 3.6-5.5 160-230 400 12-18 15

*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors