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About Feldspar Ball mill

Feldspars are an important component of many building stones.It is a group of aluminosilicate minerals that contain calcium, sodium, or potassium. As feldspars weather they produce clay minerals and aluminum ores. Ground feldspar is also used as fillers in the paint, adhesives and plastic industries.Feldspar powder provides strength, durability and resistance to wear.
Feldspar ball mill with high aluminum lining plate effectively avoids increasing mechanical iron, can improve the grade of burning degree, and low wear rate, low price of wearing parts, small power consumption, low cost, easy maintenance.
Feldspar ceramic ball mill plant


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According to the different needs of users, the grinding machine host can be equipped with Raymond mill, high-pressure suspension roller mill, three ring medium speed mill, MFW European mill and other equipment.
Equipment list Jaw crusher, Ceramic ball mill, Air classifier, Pulse dust collector, Bucket elevator, Belt conveyor and, iron remover etc.
Raw materials potash feldspar, sodium feldspar, kaolin, Quartz
Mohz hardness 6.0-6.5
Feeding size <25mm
Capacity 1-30tph
Output size 200-425mesh
Application Widely used in ceramic billet, ceramic glaze, glass, electric porcelain, grinding materials and other industrial sectors and potash fertilizer


Ball grinding mill plant

Grinding mill plant process introduction

The production line mainly includes jaw crusher or hammer crusher,bucket elevators or weighing belt conveyor,transfer hopper, electromagnetic feeder, ball mill, Air classifier, Pulse Bag Filter, high pressure fan, air compressor, control cabinet and relative pipeline.
Raw material after crushed by stone crusher is transported to raw material storage hopper by conveyoring stytem. Electromagnetic feeder feeding raw material to ceramic ball mill evenly. Grinding high aluminum balls obtain huge impact force by rotation of ball mill to drop down to crush and grind materials into fine powder. the ground material is sucked to the air classifier, where the coarse and fine powders is separated by the centrifugal force and draft force, the qualified powder is collected by collector and the oversized particle is resend to the ball mill to regrind by screw conveyor. The whole process is under negative pressure state ,form closed circular system.

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