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About cement mill plant

Cement is a powdery hydraulic inorganic cementing material. After adding water and stirring, it becomes a slurry that could harden in the air or in water and bond sand, stone and other materials firmly together. Cement is widely used in civil engineering, water conservancy, national defense and other projects as an important cementing material. Clinker with appropriate gypsum, mixed material are grind into cement, this is known as cement grinding plant.

Cement grinding plant is an individual step in the cement production line. The new-type cement grinding plant adopt pre-grinding technology. It not only reduce the particles of feeding materials, but also help to produce cracks and flaws inside the particles, which largely increase the production capacity of cement mill and reduce the energy consumption too.





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According to the different needs of users, the grinding machine host can be equipped with Raymond mill, high-pressure suspension roller mill, three ring medium speed mill, MFW European mill and other equipment.
Equipment list

Ball mill, powder separator, bucket elevator, material silos, screw conveyor, dust remover, belt conveyor, belt weigher, spiral valve, fine crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, packing machine etc.

Raw materials

Cement clinker, gypsum, slag, fly ash, coal gangue

Mohz hardness 2-4
Feeding size

0-25mm feed to ball mill


300tpd, 500tpd, 800tpd, 1000tpd, 3000tpd, 5000tpd

Product size

Specific surface area of cement 300-400m2/Kg or 40-80um


1. General civil construction engineering commonly used cement for general cement, such as portland cement, ordinary portland cement, slag portland cement, volcanic ash portland cement, fly ash portland cement and composite portland cement.

2. Cement with special properties or uses is special cement, such as: G grade oil well cement, fast hardening Portland cement, road Portland cement, aluminate cement, sulphoaluminate cement


Cement mill plant introduction


There are two types of ball mill (also called cement mill) plant process: closed-circuit system and open circuit system. We use the new type closed-circuit system as the standard because it is more energy-efficient and can grind different types of cement.Cement grinding mill plant includes cement roller press, cement mill, cement seperator, dust collector, conveyor and other cement equipment.


1.In the roller press cement pre-grinding part, the fine power ground by roller will be sent to ball mill for further grinding. In a closed-circuit system, coarse particles are separated from finer product and return to ball mill for further grinding, making over-grinding unnecessary.


2.Cement ball mill is to grind and mix clinker with other aditives such as gypsum, slag, flyash etc. The cement mill is a big consumer of electricity, so in order to reduce power consumption, it is a good option to install roller press to reduce the particle size of the material before entering the ball mills.


3.The essential equipment of this closed-circuit grinding system is a cement classifier, also known as a cement separator. It is to select the required cement powder in time and send the much coarse cement powder back to the grinding mill for regrinding, making sure the uniform particle size.


4.Dust collector is to collect raw powder or finished cement. It is high dust removal efficiency and good sealing effect, improving working conditions and preventing air pollution.

5.The final cement packing could use cement packaging machine or build a finished product bin for the bulk system of cement tankers.


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