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DMC Dust Collector

DMC Dust Collector

Pulse dust collector is applied in air purification and material recovery in metallurgy, electric power, building materials, mine, cement, chemical engineering, carbon black, asphalt concrete mixing, boiler, and other industries.

  • 25-304个Feed Size
  • 1200-63840m³/minMotor Power
  • 20-304m²Processing capacity

What is DMC pulse dust collector?

DMC type pulse dust collector uses compressed air to spray the filter bag, which is pulsed by control system and ejected through the spray pipe. By inducing a large amount of surrounding air into the filter bag, the filter bag will expand rapidly and cause a pulse vibration. The dust accumulated on the outer wall of the filter bag will be shaken off, enter the dust collection box and discharged  through the ash discharge system. Dust collector is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining, chemical, coal, non-metallic ore ultrafine powder processing and other industries dust gas purification system.It is an ideal equipment for dust removal and environmental protection .
dust collector DMC dust collector
bag type dust collector
dust collector DMC dust collector

Why to choose DMC dust collector?

1.DMC pulse bag dust collector is a new single dust removal unit which has improved the original dust removal system and simplified the equipment structure on the basis of absorbing the original bag dust collector. The improved equipment has large processing capacity, good purification effect and convenient operation and maintenance, and is used for collecting various fine dry non-fiber dust.

2.The main component of bag dust collector that can purify dust containing gas is filter material, which is organic or inorganic fiber products. Selecting filter material correctly is the key to design and use the bag filter well. The selection of filtration materials should consider the properties of dusty gas, dust concentration, dust particle size, chemical properties, physical properties, gas temperature, etc.

3.The dust removal control of the dust collector generally adopts three methods: time, pressure difference and mixing. It can realize automatic and on-site manual control methods. Under normal circumstances, the dust collector enters the automatic control program after receiving the operation signal of the main fan.

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  • High Quality

    sing right angle pulse valve to do single blowing in strong dust cleaning ability.

  • Customized Design

    Spray protective treatment process, high strength and stiffness of framework, no welding burrs, reduce mechanical wear and prolong service life.

  • Good Performance

    The filter bag is ring type mouth design, good sealing, convenient installation.

Product features

Adopt to open the upper cover, filter bag replacement fast and convenient.

  • Pulse dust collector
  • Filter Bag House Dust Collector
  •  industrial Purification System
  • bag dust collector

Working principle

Under the effect of the air fan,air flow with dust is sucked into the dust collecting chamber from the bottom or one side. For those big dust particles, they will go downwards because of the decreasing speed of the air flow.While, for those fine dust particles,they will be stopped to the outside layer of the filter bag. When compressed air blow reverse back the filter bag, the fine particles will break away from the bag and go downwards with the big particles. Finally, dust particles will be discharged outside and the purified air will be discharged upon the upper side of the cleaning chamber. Finally, it plays the role of collecting dust, air pollution prevention purpose.

Pulse dust collector working principle


Model Total filter area (m2) Filtering wind speed (m/s) Input air (m³/h) No. of filter bag (pc) Specification of filter bag (mm) Air consumption (m³/h) Density of inlet (g/m³) Density of outlet (mg/m³)
DMC-32 24-32 1.04-1.67 1500-2400 32 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.032 200 50
DMC-48 36-48 1.15-1.62 2500-3500 48 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.048
DMC-64 48-64 1.21-1.74 3500-5000 64 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.064
DMC-80 60-80 1.25-1.67 4500-6000 80 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.08
DMC-96 72-96 1.27-1.62 5500-7000 96 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.096
DMC-112 84-112 1.28-1.68 6500-8500 112 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.11
DMC-128 90-128 1.31-1.76 7500-9500 128 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.12
DMC-168 126-168 2.54-2.87 9500-10500 168 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.168

*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors