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Flotation Cell Machine

Flotation Cell Machine

Flotation machine can be used for many ore beneficiation . It is subject to coarse separation, swept separation, fine separation and flotation, so the useful ore are reclaimed.

  • 300-650mmFeed Size
  • 1.5-15KWMotor Power
  • 0.037-4 m3/cellProcessing capacity

What is flotation machine?

Flotation equipment is a mechanical device that realizes the foam flotation process and separates the target minerals from the ore. Flotation is a mineral processing method that separates the complex composition of minerals. During the flotation process, the flotation machine inflates and stirs the pre-prepared ore slurry to make the mineral particles selectively attach to the air bubbles and float up, so as to realize the separation of useful minerals and Separation of gangue minerals. Flotation equipment is mainly used for sorting non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, lead, wire, gold, etc. It can also be used for rough selection and selection of ferrous metals and non-metals.
Gold ore process copper ore process
gold ore processing plant
Gold ore process copper ore process

How to choose flotation machine?

1. Mining flotation machines mainly includes mechanical agitation flotation machines, and inflatable agitation flotation machines

2. The mechanical agitation flotation machine mainly relies on the mechanical agitator (rotor and stator) to realize the aeration and stirring of the ore pulp, which belongs to the air self-priming flotation machine. It does not need an external gas filling device, and it does not need a pump to transport the middle ore back, and it can realize self-flow. The SF series mechanical agitation flotation machine is mainly used in mineral processing plants. SF type mechanical agitation flotation machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for metal and non-metal minerals. It is mostly used for roughing and sweeping operations in medium and large beneficiation plant.

3. The inflatable agitation flotation machine mainly relies on the rotation of the mechanical agitator to stir the pulp, and uses the blower to realize the aeration, which belongs to the external air supply flotation machine. The XCF inflatable agitated flotation cell is mainly used in mineral processing plants, and it is used in medium and large mineral processing plants for roughing and sweeping operations.

The above is the flotation machine equipment commonly used in mineral processing plants. As for the choice of suitable flotation equipment, it is necessary to make targeted selection according to the characteristics of raw mineral (ore density, particle size, mud content, grade, floatability) and so on. The appropriate flotation machine is selected scientifically and reasonably to improve the production efficiency of dressing plant.

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  • High Quality

    Simple structure, strong agitation ability, and low energy consumption.

  • Customized Design

    The air scattering is uniform and the mixing effect of air and slurry is good.

  • Good Performance

    The impeller is equipped with holey cylinder air alloter.

Product features

Solid particles can be fully suspended, high flotation index.

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Working principle

When the flotation machine works, the motor drives the impeller to revolve, so the centrifugal effect and negative pressure are produced. On one hand, ample air is absorbed and mixed with mineral slurry, on the other hand, the mixed mineral slurry is mingled with additive, meanwhile, the foams are thinning, the mineral is bounded with foams, and floats up to the surface of mineral slurry and the mineralized foam is formed. The liquid surface can be adjusted with the height of adjustment flashboard, so that the useful foams are scraped with squeegee.

how does mining flotation machine works


SF series Flotation Machine

Model SF0.37 SF0.7 SF1.2 SF2.8 SF4
Volume (m³) 0.37 0.7 1.2 2.8 4
Impeller diameter(mm) 300 350 450 550 650
Capacity (m³/min) 0.2-0.4 0.3-0.9 0.6-1.2 1.5-3.5 0.5-4
Impeller Speed(r/min) 352 400 312 268 238
Impeller motor Model Y90L-4 Y100L2-4 Y132M2-6 Y160L-6 Y180L-6
Power (Kw) 1.5 3 5.5 11 15
Scraper motor Model Y90S-4 Y90L-4
Power (Kw) 1.1 1.5


XJK Series Flotation Machine

Model XJK-0.13(1A) XJK-0.23(2A) XJK-0.35(3A) XJK-0.62(4A) XJK-1.1(5A) XJK-2.8(6A)
Volume (m³) 0.13 0.23 0.35 0.62 1.1 2.8
Impeller diameter(mm) 200 250 300 350 500 600
Capacity (m³/min) 0.05-0.16 0.12-0.28 0.18-0.4 0.3-0.9 0.6-1.6 1.5-3.5
Scraper Speed(r/min) 17.5 17.5 17.5 26 26 26
Impeller motor Model Y100L1-4 Y90L-4 Y90L-4 Y100L2-6 Y132M2-6 Y160L-6
Power (Kw) 2.2 1.5 1.5 3 5.5 11
Scraper motor Model Y80M1-4 Y80M1-4 Y80M2-4 Y80M2-4 Y90S-4 Y90S-4
Power (Kw) 0.55 0.55 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.1

*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors