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Sand Recycling Machine
Sand Recycling Machine
50-300 m3/h
Sieve power:1.5-6KW
processing power:50-300 m3/h
[Applicable Material]:Fine sand recycling machine, also known as fine sand collection machine, fine sand extraction machine, fine sand recovery machine etc.It could be used for dewatering, removing and removing mud materials. Also it is a good solution to the problem of fine sand loss.
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It is widely used in the purification of fine sand mud, sand and gravel aggregates recycling issues hydropower systems, glass raw materials processing systems, artificial sand production line and coarse slime recovery in coal preparation plant etc.
Working principle
The pump sends the sand and water mixture to hydrocyclone, the fine sand with eccentricity is sent to vibrating screen. The fine sand and water are effectively separated after dehydration, and little fine sand and mud go back to washing trough. When the liquid surface of the washing trough is high, the fine sand discharges from output opening. The linear vibrating screen can recover material with concentration 70%-85%. Adjusting fineness modulus can be realized by changing pump rotation speed, changing pulp consistency, adjusting overflow water and changing sand sinking mouth. By the process above, the fine sand recovery system can finish three functions, cleaning, dehydration and grading.
Sand Recycling Machine
Effectively reduce the fine sand losing quantity.
The vibrating screen is polyurethane screen cloth, which has longer life and smoothly finishes the work of condensing slime and clearing the liquid.
Reduce the amount of fine material piling up, can be directly transported to supply market.
Making customerized machine according to different demands.
Sand Recycling Machine
Sand Recycling Machine
Sand Recycling Machine
Model Pump power(kw) Sieve power(kw) Capacity(m³/h)
HX250 7.5-11 0.75×2 50-80
HX300 11-15 0.75×2 80-100
HX350 18.5-22 0.75×2 100-120
HX500 18.5-22 1.1×2 120-150
HX600 22-30 1.1×2 150-200
HX700 37-44 2.2×2 200-250
HX1000 60 3×2 250-300
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