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Stone Crusher

Stone Crusher

Stone crusher is to break blocks of stone, mining ores, concrete and other building materials into a smaller specific grain size. It has types of jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, sand crusher, mobile crusher machine etc.

  • 100mm-1200mmFeed Size
  • 5.5-280KWMotor Power
  • 5-800t/hProcessing capacity

What is stone crusher?

Baichy stone crusher is widely used in quarry and mining industry. The stone crushing machine can crush large rocks and medium-sized rocks for more efficient and easier handling size, such as sand, gravels, aggregates. According to different processing effects, it can be divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing equipment. Application fields: suitable for mining, ore crushing, slag crushing, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and hydropower and chemical industry production. Applicable materials: basalt, slag, limestone, coal, limestone, quartz, marble, bluestone, potassium feldspar, etc.
machine stone crusher quartz aggregates crusher
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machine stone crusher quartz aggregates crusher

How to choose suitable stone crusher machine?

The stone crusher is the processing equipment in the stone production line. Whether its selection is reasonable or not directly affects the production capacity of the project, the quality of the finished material and the return on investment of the customer. So how can we choose the right stone crusher?

1.First of all, correctly understand raw material properties. The physical properties of stone mainly include three aspects: hardness, size, and wet viscosity. The properties are different, and the types of stone crushers to be used are also different, otherwise the expected crushing effect cannot be achieved.

2.Requirements for production capacity, finished product specifications and grain type。The output is also an important indicator to determine the stone crusher equipment. The output of the stone crusher is generally calculated by hour。customer needs to choose according to his own actual situation. If the output is too large, it will cause unnecessary power consumption and operating costs; if the output is too small, it will not be completed. Production goals affect project progress and benefits.

3.The requirements for the specification and grain shape of the finished product are equally critical. The specification of the finished product is directly related to product positioning and is generally determined by the market. If the specifications are large, it is enough to use coarse crushing and medium crushing equipment, such as jaw crushers, impact crushers, and single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers. If the specifications are small, vertical shaft impact crushers and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers should be added.

4.Be sure to have a full understanding of the construction site。 The specific situation of the construction site is an important factor affecting the selection and layout of crusher equipment. For example: the size of the construction site, the height of the drop, the approximate distance from the raw materials, whether there are residents nearby, etc., are all related to the selection and layout of the equipment.

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  • High Quality

    Heavy-duty designed stone crusher frame. It crushes rocks, other hard and abrasive materials in highly efficiency. High productivity low maintenance and operating costs.

  • Customized Design

    According to material abrasiveness and hardness factor, dimensions, finished grain size, capacity, suitable stone crusher type could be offered.

  • Good Performance

    Primary crusher reduces the raw material to 150 mm around, then secondary or tertiary crushers depending on the size requirement.

Product features

Our stone crushers are exported to Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, Saudi Arabic, Kenya, South Afica, Chile, Peru and over 30 countries around the world.

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Working principle

Stone crushing machine is to reduce the size of large rocks to gravel, or grind rocks to table salt size, or even pulverize to a fine powder. Stone crushers are classified and chosen according to the fineness with which they starts material.

Jaw crusher is a machine for crushing rocks and other hard and abrasive materials, such as granite, ores or recycled concrete usually for industrial purposes.

Cone crusher breaks stone between an eccentric rotating head and a bowl. It has ability to crush hard and abrasive ores and rocks. Cone crusher is better suited for secondary crushing.

Impact crusher can be used as primary crushers, secondary crushers or tertiary crushers depending on the size and technology. The impact makes it possible to better control the size of the crushing result, for example better cubic gravel.

stone crushing machine



Feeder Opening


Max. Feeding

Size (mm)

Outlet adjusting




Motor Power


Overall Dimension


PE400x600 400x600 350 40-90 15-60 30 1700x1750x1680
PE500x750 500x750 425 50-100 40-130 45 2150x1900x1950
PE600x900 600x900 500 60-125 90-180 55 2500x2010x2350
PE750x1060 750x1060 630 60-150 110-380 110 2630x2310x3110
PE900x1200 900x1200 750 95-165 220-450 132 3720x2850x3250
PE1000x1200 1000x1200 850 200-300 280-560 160 3820x2850x3250
PE1200x1500 1200x1500 1020 150-300 400-800 220 4590×3342×3553
PE1500x1800 1500x1800 1200 210-360 520-1100 280 5100x4700x4300
PEX150x750 150x750 120 10-40 5-16 15 1310x1118x1145
PEX250x750 250x750 210 15-50 15-30 22 1440x1751x1515
PEX350x750 350x750 300 15-50 18-40 30 1485x1680x1648
PEX250x1000 250x1000 210 15-60 15-52 30 1730x1950x1400
PEX250x1200 250x1200 210 15-60 20-60 37 1730x2150x1400
PEX300x1300 300x1300 250 25-60 30-105 55 2000x2320x1730

*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors