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Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

In industry production belt conveyor act as connection between different equipment to realize the continuous and automatic production which can improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

  • <500mmFeed Size
  • 5.5-30KWMotor Power
  • 20-500 t/hProcessing capacity

What is belt conveyor?

Belt conveyor is a mechanical device that transports materials in a continuous way with a friction drive. It is mainly composed of frame, conveyor belt, idler roller, roller, tensioning device, transmission device and so on. It can form a material conveying process from the initial feeding point to the final unloading point on a certain conveying line. Belt conveyor is usually used in mining, crushing, packaging, feeding, metering and stacking and reclaiming and so on.
coal belt conveyor aggregate belt conveyor
coal belt conveyor aggregate belt conveyor

How to choose belt conveyor?

1. The belt conveyor can transport variety of materials. It can not only transport various sand and gravel aggregates, sand coal and other bulk materials, but also transport various cartons, packaging bags and other light-weight goods. It has a wide range of uses.

2. Various structural forms, including trough belt conveyor, flat belt conveyor, climbing belt conveyor, etc., and accessories such as push plates, side baffles, and skirts can also be added to the conveyor belt. This could meet various requirements.

3. The conveying belt is made of various materials such as rubber, canvas, PVC, PU, etc. In addition to being used for conveying ordinary materials, it can also meet the conveying of materials with special requirements such as oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-static.

4. The conveying is stable, and there is no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, which can avoid damage to the conveyed objects.

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  • High Quality

    The conveying system could be made mobile conveyor, long conveyor, inclined conveyor, flat conveyor to meet different requirement.

  • Customized Design

    The belt conveyor can be installed horizontally or slope to meet the needs of different conveying lines.

  • Good Performance

    Belt conveyor can be operated in the circumstance temperature from -20 degree to +40 degree. The temperature of the transported materials should be lower than 50 degree.

Product features

Belt conveyor can be used in all stone crushing production line. The hot-sale types are including: Belt Width 500mm, 650mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1400mm etc.

  • Belt conveyor
  • mobile belt conveyor
  • conveying machine
  • Belt conveyor system

Working principle

Belt conveyor is a common means of transport used in mining enterprises. It uses the belt conveyance to draw and support components and transport materials by way of the moving belt.

Belt conveyor utilizes the inner friction and side pressure of loose material to increases the internal pressure from the pulling force in its moving direction produced by the rolling chamber in the adhesive chamber, thus increasing the internal friction. When inclination falls within certain scope, the inward friction force can ensure the stability between layers and create continuous movement. When the internal friction force between the layers is larger than the external force of the adhesive, the roller beneath the adhesive will move along with the material. When the ratio of internal force and external force meets a condition, the material flow is stable.

Belt conveyor machine works


Belt width (mm) Conveying length (m)
Power (kw)
Conveying speed (m/s) Conveying amount (t/h)
500 ≤ 12/3 ≤ 12-20/4-5.5 ≤ 20-30/5.5-7.5 1.3-1.6 40-100
650 ≤ 12/4 ≤ 12-20/5.5 ≤ 20-30/7.5-11 1.3-1.6 80-120
800 ≤ 10/4 ≤ 10-15/5.5 ≤ 15-30/7.5-15 1.3-1.6 120-200
1000 ≤ 10/5.5 ≤ 10-20/7.5-11 ≤ 20-40/11-22 1.3-2.0 200-320
1200 ≤ 10/7.5 ≤ 10-20/11 ≤ 20-40/15-30 1.3-2.0 300-500

*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors