Raymond mill is mainly used for grinding mineral products with wide application. The most important spare part is the grinding rollers. The rollers with high quality and correct maintenance could ensure normal operation and efficient use. So what’s the factors affecting the quality of rollers? How to maintain the rollers?


Now, as a professional manufactures with 30+ years experience, Baichy machinery will share some good ideas:

1. Check the mill after installing rollers. Inspect carefully before running,eliminate potential security problems and failure.

2. Prepare enough before machine running. Check if there is unnecessary parts aroung the grinding mills to romove them if there is dirt on the surface of guide rails to clear it , if the position of handle and impact block is strong to amend it etc.

3. Dust removal in the mill. It will produce a lot of sand dust and fine scrap iron when grind rollers is grinding. The practical measures should be taken timely to eliminate the dust. Otherwise, this not only pollutes the environment, but also shorten the life of guide rails and transmission parts.

4. Surface roughness of grind rollers. the surfaces roughness and quality of rollers have directly effects on both powder product quality and powder extraction rate.


raymond mill rollers.jpg

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