Attentions when rotary dryer runs
2020-07-25 13:34:37

There’re some trial simple instructions about Baichy rotary drum dryer running. To check whether the installation according to the drawing, all connecting bolts are tight, all lubricating points whether foot lubricant brand according to the rules.

A, empty load test
The whole drum dryer must first before test run of single empty load test run, the motor empty load test run 2 hours, check and record the current, temperature rise and pay attention to the noise is normal.Baichy whole drum dryer continuous load start-up time not less than eight hours, after the charging zone

Load operation after 48 hours required to do the following check:
1, the transmission device with and without vibration, shock and abnormal phenomenon such as noise, the size of the gear meshing and contact, the motor temperature rise shall not exceed 40 ℃, the electric current shall not exceed the rating.
2, rotary dryer barrel should not have moving and vibration phenomenon, should not have fibrillation lyre and obvious vibration phenomenon.
3, the roller contact length and lyre for over 70 of the roller ring width, check the contact condition of catch wheel.
4 cylinder, the sealing rubber sheet is posted on the cylinder surface, can not have warp phenomenon.
5, all lubricating points of lubrication oil and so on and so forth.The bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 60 ℃.
6, all connecting bolts have loose, and tighten the ministries bolts again, especially the big gear counterpart bolt, catch wheel fixed bolt, seal on both ends of the cylinder bolts.
7, check the drive gear and gear reducer gear mesh, mesh surface should not have pitting, scabbing, defects such as scar.

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