Depending on the the ball mill working way , there are dry ball mill and wet ball mill, these two devices are different, how to choose in production? Let's take a look at this.

1. For different materials: dry-type ball mill for grinding dry mineral materials, and wet ball mill for wet materials containing a certain moisture grinding.

2. Different structures: dry ball mill outlet is straight, Wet ball mill outlet is a trumpet-shaped, built-in screw device, which will help material discharge.

wet ball mill type.jpg

3. Low energy consumption of wet ball mill: For continuous operation of dry ball mill, due to the impact of ore moisture in the ore and the liner surface to form a thin layer of material, and thus per ton of ore energy consumption is more 25% ~ 30% than the wet ball mill .

4. Less investment of wet ball mill: dry ball mill production needs to be equipped with air duct system, and wet ball mill process is simple, compared to the wet ball mill production investment costs.

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