How to maintenance hammer mill crusher
2020-01-07 16:23:20

Hammer mill crusher is a kind of hard material crushing machine with high crushing ratio. Such as stone size 50mm, it could be crushed into 5mm fine powder.Due to small machine size, low cost, more function, easy operation reasons, more and more people use this hammer crusher mill to make fine powder instead of fine powder grinding mill machine.
To prolong hammer mill crusher lifetime, it is very importatant to use and maintenace it properly.

Here is 3 steps to prevention of hammer crusher accident occurred in the following measures are:
1. Properly mount the bearing and shaft parts
The bearing is a part that supports the rotor shaft and rotates it freely. When the bearings and shaft parts are not installed correctly, the rotor shaft will produce vibration, which in turn will greatly reduce the bearing life. A pair of installed correctly, using a reasonable bearing can be used for two years or longer. And when the installation is not correct, the use of unreasonable, it will greatly shorten the bearing life, can only use 3 months or even shorter time (some less than 1 month on the damaged). Severe vibration will damage the journal of the rotor shaft, making it round, deformed.
2. Correctly allocate theweight of each hammer
In the hammer to repair, arrangement, should ensure that the total weight of each hammer no more than ±1kg, the two hammers between the three hammer should be consistent, the maximum deviation of not more than 250g, more than the provisions of the hammer Should be polished.
3. Select the appropriate grate and arrangement
In the use of the grate and the arrangement design, you can use the following two forms shown. At the same time in the grate installation arrangement on the mix, that is, a triangular grate and a diamond grate staggered arrangement. This can give full play to the triangular grate large angle radioactive, easy to pass the advantages of materials, but also play a diamond-shaped grate is durable, grate gap is not easy to wear the advantages of large.

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