Ways of transportation of the mobile stone crusher plant
2019-12-09 17:05:48

Mobile stone crusher are accepted by more and more people in the world. Mobility is its biggest characteristic, which can not only eliminate the installation of complex site infrastructure, but also reduce the material loss and time loss. So recently, many Baichy company mobile crusher plants are exported to other countries.

Usually, the standard container is good choice to load kinds of goods. However, mobile stone crusher and screening plant in too large to load into container. If choose roll-on-roll-off ship way, the highway transportation is more strict, such as height limitation, width limitation, vehicle passports etc. So we could use a flat truck to load all stone crushing machines to port. In the port yard, all the machines will be loaded and reinforced in a flat track, which will be abroad same as container. Summarily, when the mobile crusher plant is overlong, such as over 17meters, it will have to drive with truck head using roll-on-roll-off ship way. If the size is moderate, the flat rack is good option. If it is small portable stone crusher plant, the container is suitable.

In terms of price, container is most low price and roll-on-roll-off ship way is the most expensive. When we make solution for client, not only considering the project solution, the stone crushing plant design size for transport is imporant too. Chinese cities are growing at a fast rate, and transportation networks need to adapt accordingly. To design, plan, and manage transportation networks, domain experts need data that reflect how people move from one place to another. Sometimes, we could save many transport fee for client just for small little changement.
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