Application of Calcium Carbonate CaCO₃ in Industry
2017-12-11 14:20:58

As we all know, calcium carbonate whether it is heavy calcium carbonate (calcium carbonate for short) or light calcium carbonate (calcium for short) are excellent fillers and performance improvers, are widely used in plastics, paper, paint, rubber, feed, daily-use chemical industry, etc. Especially in the plastic industry, calcium carbonate has become the choice of plastic processing industry to use a large number of more widely used powder filler, which brings great business opportunities for the calcium carbonate industry due to its many advantages, such as low price, convenient use and few side effects.

We introduce you the following is the common application of heavy calcium carbonate powder:

1,200 mesh or less( <74 micron): Can be used for various feed additives.

2,250 mesh to 300 mesh(63 -47 micron): for plastics plants, paint factory, rubber factory, inside and outside the wall paint, waterproof materials, whiteness 80-90.

3,350 mesh to 400 mesh(40-38micron): used for pinch, pipes, chemicals, etc., whiteness above 80-93 degrees.

4,400 mesh to 600 mesh(38-25micron): can be used for ointment paste, soap, whiteness above 80-94 degrees.

5,800 mesh(15 micron): rubber, plastic, cable, PVC whiteness 90-97.

6,1250 mesh(10 micron): PVC, PE, paint, paint products, paper surface coating (whiteness 90-97), paper primer.

The current use of more heavy calcium by roughly divided into three categories by finess: 400 mesh, 800 mesh and 1250 mesh. In plastic industry , it is a larger amount of 400 mesh, but with the development of grinding technology and heavy calcium powder application expanding, now the amount of faster growth is the purpose of 1250 superfine heavy calcium powder.



In mining machinery industry, Series of calcium carbonate mill equipment is including YGM series Raymond mill( for 325 mesh around) ,MTW european version mill ( for 425 mesh around), HGM Three-ring Micro-powder mill(for 3000 mesh around). These calcium carbonate mill equipment is high degree of automation, high efficiency powder classifying, wear-resistant parts in long life span, reduce production cost. They could meet different finess of calcium carbonate processing needs.

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