Impact crusher VS hammer crusher
2020-04-09 13:08:10

As a widely used crushing equipment, impact crusher and hammer crusher are often compared. Those are simple to operate and the price is favorable.They also have certain differences in actual production!

Crushing cavity
The crushing cavity of the impact crusher is large, so that the material has a certain moving space, and the impact effect is fully utilized. In comparison, the crushing cavity crusher by hammer is small, the impact cannot be fully exerted.

Crushing ratio and finished product type
The crushing ratio of impact crusher can reach more than 50, and the particle shape of the finished material is good. The output particle size is uniform, and the content of fine powder and dust is low.The crushing ratio of the hammer crusher is generally 10-25, the highest can reach 50, and the powder content is relatively high.


Different purpose
Impact crusher is used as second stage crushing machine to make aggregates. The final crusher stone size is 10-40mm for road, railway, highway etc. Hammer crusher is a traditional sand making machine. The powder size is less than 10mm. Due to small size and low cost, it is used to crush kinds of material, such as limestone, glass, shell, gold ore etc.


Hammer crusher and impact crusher have their own advantages, you can choose the right machine according to your needs!

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