Recently, Baichy machinery technician department, quality testing department as well as shipping department actively and carefully checking every under shipping products, try our best to gurantee the clients receive impact and complete plant items, even though continously loading two days in begining of this summer of 2016. Finally Baichy all staffs successfully complete the last shipment in four containers of this plant.


diatomite beneficiation plant machines

 Baichy  Shipment


For this diatomite beneficiation plant, from the clients inspecting our factory and discuss with our engineers, it has sustained almostly one year for four branches shipping in order, due to the large project and detailed products, from steel structure building to axiliuary equipment shipping, main components including kinds of raymond grinding mill, calcination kiln, powder classifiers, etc.


From first receiving the clients’ inquiry, our trade department reply in time with professional introduction with combining with the factory engineers, left the deep impression for the customer. Moreover, during the further discussion and visiting our factory, our throughfully receiving schedul and experienced beneficiation teams with high cost performance products enhance the confidence of the customer to cooperate with Baichy Machinery. 


powder calssifier

    Customers with total engineer


Diatomite is a kind of valuable Siliceous sedimentary rocks, main chemical composition is SiO2, It is a very porous rock with a fine particle size and a low specific gravity. These properties make it useful as a filter media, an absorbent, and as a lightweight filler for rubber, paint, and plastics. When diatomite is crushed into a powder, it is usually called "diatomaceous earth," or D.E.


Diatomite as a beer filter: Diatomite has a very small particle size, a high porosity, and is relatively inert. That makes it an excellent material for use as a filter. Much of the beer brewed is filtered through crushed diatomite, known as diatomaceous earth. When selecting diatomite for beer filtering, it is important to source the diatomite from a deposit that was formed in a freshwater environment - because the salty marine diatomite will ruin the beer! Diatomaceous earth is also used to filter wine, drinking water, syrup, honey, juice, swimming pool water, and much more in safety and environment friendly.


But the disadvantage of diatomite is not purity, so the diatomite beneficiation is fine and advanced technology, Baichy Machienry set up the project adopt six stages of powder classifier, foucus on fine powder classifier introduced most advanced air classifiers system to improve the D.E purity as much as possible.


Baichy machinery will always concentrating on mining industry, professional on kinds of mineral processing, satisfied with customer’ different requirements by thoughtful service and advanced products, create most benefits for customer and prosperous future for marketing.



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